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Latest Posts

The Power Trip 2020

This isn’t just the art world that we want, it’s the art world we deserve.

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Asset stripping

Asset stripping

Art Life , Stuff Oct 07, 2019

The student response was instantaneous. Within hours a petition was launched

Art market flatline, 2019’s best show title, borrowed landscapes, art of Emsh + more!
Liveliness, experimental advisors, exploring the cinematic + more!

Friday Degustation: now with anchovies

The Nirin 98, sci fi sex change, Satellite of Love, equipment failure + more!

Friday Degustation: in new, orange zest and classic flavours!

Overheard at the Fair…

Our reporters, on the ground, at Sydney Contemporary 2019, listening in…

Monsters, unauthorised Banksy, raw language, Lego lost at sea + more!

Friday Degustation: scarf and barf edition!

Museums and more museums, Soviet space art, Johnny Farnham & Christo + more!

Friday Degustation: served together, or seperate!

Video easy, context collapse, Berlin Blondell, black holes + more!

Friday Degustation: full sit down menu!

Ono $$$, cataphiles rejoice, none more black, text art + more!

Friday Degustation: ask about our wheat grass shots!

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